Parcel 1 housing (Credit: Human Nature with Periscope / Ash Sakula)

The Phoenix will provide a wide mix of high quality and energy efficient homes
“We’re combining
proven and
 to create
an exponentially sustainable place”
Dan Rea, director, Periscope
The Phoenix will provide accommodation that reflects the genuine housing needs of Lewes. This means a high number of one and two-bedroom homes, particularly aimed at young people, young families, and older people who are looking to downsize.

There will be up to 700 homes in the neighbourhood, the vast majority of which will be apartments, addressing this need for smaller homes, thereby housing a wide mix of people well. These will be mostly one-bedroom (37%) and two-bedroom homes (33%), with some three (24%) and four bedroom homes (6%).

Housing that is genuinely affordable for local people is key to the success of the Phoenix as a truly inclusive neighbourhood. There will be up to 210 affordable homes, or 30% of the total number, which will be designated as either First Homes or affordable rent (including 92 Lewes Low-Cost Housing).

Those living at the Phoenix will enjoy lower utility bills due to the neighbourhood’s highly efficient homes, which are powered by renewable energy on a data-led grid, saving around 10-20% on utility bills, with heating bills up to 80% lower than in traditional developments.
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1. Pells Gardens Courtyard
2. Spring Lane Courtyard & Mews
3. Rowe Lane Courtyard & Mews
4. Pells Lane Courtyard & Mews
5. Brook Street Co-Housing
6. Green grocers
7. The Foundry Apartments
Housing, retail, workspace
8. The Health Hub
Foundry Primary Care Practice, North Street Dental Practice, complementary health services, pharmacy
9. Phoenix House
Offices, training, learning
10. Spring Gardens Apartments
11. Phoenix Square Live/Work & Creative Studios
Housing and creative space
12. Soap Yard
13. Soap Factory
Bouldering, climbing, skateboarding, dance, Starfish Studios, arts space, juice bar
14. Phoenix Neighbourhood Management
Estate management, mobility services, deliveries, repairs and maintenance, offices
15. Full Cycle & Apartments
Retail, housing
16. Phoenix Cycle Lane
17. Mobility Hub & Services
EV car share, car hire and car club; EV bike service and shuttle bus, last-mile freight, vehicle servicing and repair; 310 car-parking spaces
18. Causeway Foreshore Park
Landscaped garden, kiosk, public toilets, river viewing platform
19. Foreshore Apartments
20. Ouse slipway
Access to river, boat storage
21. Phoenix Riverside Apartments & Lofts
22. The Foundry Hotel
50 rooms, meeting facilities, rooftop gardens and restaurant, cocktail bar, events hire
23. Every Hall Community Centre
Community centre, coworking, Phoenix Canteen, wintergarden, retail
24. Foundry Yards Gallery
Community events, business conferences, exhibitions, performance
25. Foundry Yards
26. Thomas Paine bridge
27. Brook Street Galleries
Housing, makers’ space, retail
28. River Walk Garden and Belvedere
Seating, planters, taproom, pop-up cafés, music venue
29. Foundry Workshops
Community centre
30. Ouse Villa Apartments
31. North Street Apartments & Lofts
Housing, nursery
32. Jacobs Square Townhouses & Courtyard Homes
A Design Code has been submitted with our planning application, which will control the overall character and appearance of the development to deliver consistency and coherence across as each ‘parcel’ of the site is brought forward through reserved matter applications. 

The document identifies a series of ‘golden threads’, which will create a visual connection to the town – from its famous roofscape to its creative use of materials, patterns and collage – in ways that can be translated to a new kind of neighbourhood fit for the 21st century.

To make best use of this precious brownfield site, and to build in a way that is viable, environmentally sustainable and promotes shared living, the Phoenix will feature mostly courtyard apartment housing. This means creating new types of homes for the town, taking influence from the most beautiful apartment blocks in UK and Europe, while ensuring they respond to and weave into the surrounding areas. 
Courtyard homes on the Phoenix (Human Nature with Periscope / Carlos Penalver)
Parcel 1
The first detailed design of homes on the Phoenix, by Ash Sakula Architects
“Ash Sakula’s designs show how well contemporary housing can be
stitched into a
historic town”
Jeremy Walker, Head of Design, Human Nature
In March 2023, Human Nature submitted the first detailed planning application of housing on the Phoenix. Ash Sakula Architects’ ‘Parcel 1’ comprises 44 homes, arranged as three and four-storey terraces on a triangular brownfield site, overlooking the River Ouse and an area of unspoilt woodland on the edge of Lewes. 

The terraces are made up of a mix of townhouses and apartments, with almost every home having its own front door onto Jacobs Square, the shared central courtyard space named for Jane Jacobs, the great champion of community-based development. A communal cycle store, inhabitable thresholds outside residents’ front doors, play areas and community gardening plots are designed to create neighbourly interaction and promote a culture of shared living.

The courtyard, designed in collaboration with Periscope, incorporates an extensive rain garden as part of the flood mitigation measures, while providing a place to sit, talk and play when dry. The intention is to build Parcel 1 homes with timber panels incorporating hempcrete and wood fibre insulation, finished with lime render.

The design of the Parcel 1 draws strongly on the ‘golden threads’ of Lewes, through its scale and form, the rhythm of rooflines and facades, animated window designs and even the use of chimneys for ventilation. The facades also respond to their immediate context, with differing colour palettes and subtly different fenestration patterns to the river side, the edge of the Pells area, and the courtyard within.
Jacobs Square (Credit: Ash Sakula)
Raw & Craft
Homes on the Phoenix will built with strong, high-quality materials, noted for their adaptability
Raw & Craft is a Human Nature principle concerned with shifting the priority in building budgets towards the strength, adaptability and quality of materials and away from over-elaborate finishes and fit outs

The materials need to be good enough to be left ‘raw’ and because, in a Human Nature development, timber-framed cassettes or panels are widely used, a ‘craft’ finish combines well. Craft here is not meant to be expensive hand-made items by artistic makers but rather individual expression of what the occupant would like and can afford. Human Nature offers lists of approved local contractors, decorators, and other tradespeople to support this approach.
CLT structures and wall cassette system (Credit: TDO)